Founded by Jimmy Tickey, JWN is a marketing and consulting agency based in Shelton, Connecticut. Shelton resident Jimmy Tickey began working with small businesses on their websites in 2002 and soon expanded his efforts into a small business of his own in 2004. 

Since starting his venture, Jimmy has received  recognition for his leadership and business skills. He has been named "Top 40 Under 40" by the Fairfield County Business Journal.

JWN develops your brand and online presence, maximizes your marketing and communications plan while supporting the advancement of your organization. For over 15 years, both Jimmy Tickey and his business have worked with:
  • student organizations
  • municipalities
  • real-estate agents
  • non-profit organizations
  • performers & producers
  • advocacy organizations
  • political campaigns
  • professional organizations
  • historical societies
  • boutiques, bed & breakfasts
  • spas & salons
  • schools & daycare's
  • pubs, cafes & restaurants
  • community event committees
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